Monday, January 3, 2011

I have started my new job. It is a challenge and takes a little adjusting. I am working on it. Until the middle of the month, I am on a casual basis. Basically I go in when someone is sick. I was called into work on New Year's Eve. It was for the day shift so I didn't mind. After that day though, You will NEVER EVER EVER get me to work a night shift.

It was a slow day since a lot of the residents had gone home for the holidays. For lunch supervision we had more supervisors than students. Not a big deal. It is a good time to get to know my new co workers better. We had some time to kill so my co worker D asked if I wanted to walk laps with her. I had nothing better to do and I get a big kick out of D so I agreed. As we walked we talked about a resident who had passed away. D told me she always says a prayer for the person who has passed on and in return, they usually visit her in a dream to let her know they are OK. I thought it was a very sweet thing. We had already gone around the building. D asked me if I had seen the basement. I had not so we headed down there to take a look. For now the basement is used mainly for storage. Until recently it held the laundry too. The laundry service has been outsourced so the basement is not busy anymore.

Originally the building was a sanatorium and had a morgue in the basement. This too is long gone. It is still a very creepy place to be. There are narrow, dully lit hallways, gated areas and the most frightening thing of all... mouse traps. When I started work and was told it was once a sanatorium I did wonder if it was haunted. No one said anything so I forgot about it. As we strolled along D was telling me about the spirits who have visited her in her life. She asked if I wanted to see the daycare. You can access the daycare through the basement tunnel. As we continued on D told me how the hallway was supposed to be haunted. People have reported hearing footsteps when they are alone or feeling something brush past you in the hall. She said when the daycare has to use the tunnel they all run through it. I admit I was getting a little creeped out as visions of every horror movie I have ever seen flashed through my head. We passed a gated hallway and I fully expected someone in a mask to jump out and bang against the gate. Since nothing happened I told myself to stop being so silly. As soon as we entered the haunted hallway both D and I heard a loud growling sound. At first I thought I someone must be trying to scare the newbie. When D screamed and grabbed onto me I quickly decided it wasn't a joke and I was out of there. Let the little children brave the ghost I was getting the hell out of there. So one week into the job and I have already learned a couple valuable lessons. D is just as much of a fraidy cat as I am, I will NEVER EVER GO INTO THE BASEMENT AGAIN, and you will never get me to work a night shift there either ( just to be on the safe side). I have also learned this. I am not the stupid girl in the movies who always goes to check out the scary noise in the basement. Nope I am the one who runs screaming from the haunted house and actually lives to the end of the movie. So there.


  1. OK...I'm sleeping with the light on tonight! Thanks Cheryl! :)

  2. OK Cheryl....are you into full-time now? How are you liking it? Is it getting a little better? Drop me a note when u can. Have a great weekend!