Monday, November 1, 2010


I have been a bad blogger again. I have neglected you. I am so sorry.

What has been happening here? Not much. Still unemployed? Yup. Any prospects? Nope. However, I know one place got my application. In order to apply for the job you must do it online. Not a problem. However, you have to attach everything. Your transcripts, diploma, certificates, criminal record check, child abuse registry check, CPR and first Aid certificates, etc.  I am surprised they have not asked for fingerprints and birth certificates. I tried to attach them all but ran into some trouble with a couple of the forms that were too large to attach. I had to try again later. I got a call a couple of days later. Apparently, I had applied for the job twice under two different SIN numbers. Whoops. I guess when I logged back on to complete the application, I reversed the first three numbers. Good thing I wasn't applying for a computer teacher job.

We finally have heat. I was putting of turning on the heat for as long as I possibly could. Makes the heating bill lower. Finally I could stand it no longer and had to turn on the heat. Well, I tried. It warmed up in the house and then it got colder and colder. We tried turning up the heat, still no luck. Finally I clued in. Perhaps I should check and see if the pilot light is still on. No pilot light. NO heat. We re lilt it and had heat again... then it went out again.... and again... and again. Now it is freezing in our house. OK. Time to call the repairman first thing in the morning. Saturday morning we called. They assured us they would be there sometime on Saturday. OK, perfect. We waited and waited. About 3:30 they called and told us they would not be showing up that day, they were too busy but they assured us they would be there Sunday Morning. OK. One more day won't kill us. We got up early Sunday in anticipation of having heat once again. We got the call at 9. Did we still need them to come? YES!! Okay they will call back in half and hour. They called back three and a half hours later. He said he would come soon. Uh huh. I heard that one before. They did finally arrive and three hundred dollars later, we have heat again. Yippee.

Halloween has come and gone. It was a different one for us. Over a week ago some nut opened fire on innocent people in the North End of the city. Two men were shot dead when they opened their door. One young girl was shot when she said she didn't want to buy drugs. They still havent' found the shooter. People are scared. Parents were not taking their children Trick or Treating and people were scared to open their door. The Friendship center opened their doors and asked for donations so the kids could go there and get some candy in a safe place. The public responded and the children were able to have Halloween anyway. It is so sad that the children pay the price.

Up until the last minute the girls were not going out for Halloween. Then they changed their mind. Hello? Unemployed and you want me to make/buy you a costume two days before Halloween? Have I mentioned that my idea of sewing is duct tape and staples? My one daughter threw together an outfit out of her closet. They other one wasn't as creative. So a quick trip to Value Village and I told her she had to be a ghost. Ghosts are u underrated. No one is a ghost anymore. Plus no sewing is involved. She was a ghost. Until she got to the bottom of the stairs and discovered she could not see to the side or down, just straight ahead. I told her that was the only direction she needed. She disagreed. She ended up ditching the costume and just going door to door as herself. She did not bad. The only ones that wouldn't give her anything was our neighbour. Go figure.

Our Civic election is over. The incumbent Mayor won once again. Plus, we have a new take on "Bring Back the Jets". Former Jet, Thomas Steen was elected to city council. We will see if he can play the politics game as well as he played hockey.

I am still making my way through the hell that is known as Parent of A Moody Teenage Girl. If you have not experienced this little piece of heaven let me tell you. IT IS NOT FOR THE WIMPY CHICKEN. I am not quite sure I am up to the job. If I say something, it is wrong. If I look at her, it is wrong. If I don't say anything, it is wrong. If I make her bed or make her dinner, it is wrong. She growls at everyone. I am not sure I will survive this one. I have decided one thing. I would rather have 10 more boys than one more girl.
God help me.


  1. Parent of a moody teenage girl eh? :) I feel your pain...though you get double the joy. That is sad about the trick or treaters... Agree with ya 100% on your other post about the CFL...take the fine money and donate it! It's not like the league needs $250 bucks to stay afloat! Your heating people sound like our plumbers. Sometime tomorrow between 8-12 really means sometime in the next 3-4 days if you are lucky.... Hang in there GG!!

  2. You make me smile! I was a door slammer as a moody teenaged girl, and I am OH SO THANKFUL I have three boys and my eternally happy girl. I feel for you. The trick or treating situation sucks, but I'm glad there were people to step up and provide a safe place for the kids to go. I'm off to bed but wanted to let you know I had stopped by! Hugs from the US!

  3. I feel your pain with the teenage girl! OMG! I hope we survive! It's a good thing I can take away the cell phone and the computer. She's so sweet until I give it back again. Blah!

    It's gotten to where if there isn't a party for Halloween around here then the kids don't go out. It's just not the same.

    I've managed to do a few posts lately. I know... I'm a bad blogger!