Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I finally remembered the password to my old blog. If you read the old blog and it brought you here, Welcome. Glad to have you back.
I am telling you, asking me to remember things is not a good idea. In my world, it is a good day when I can remember my name and the names of all my kids.Remember when we were kids. What did we have to remember? Where we lived, where our best friend lived, locker and bike combinations,our phone number, best friend's phone number and possibly the phone number to reach a parent at work or emergency services , depending on your regular needs. At the most, we had a secret password to a secret club. It was usually something easy to remember like "boys stink". Damn, maybe I wasn't supposed to say that. That is it. Now even kids have to remember so many things. Home phone, parent's work numbers, cell phone for both parents, their own cell number, best friend cell number and home number, cell number of every other child in school, where they live, alarm codes,locker combos,PIN numbers and passwords. Now kids have passwords to emails, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, log on to computer both at home and at school. No wonder my kids keep forgetting their rotting lunches in their lockers. They can't remember the locker combo to get it out. Instead, they bring air freshener to school and try to figure out exactly what kind of sandwich they had brought to school for the first week. Ewwww.

Just for the record, I was so busy with this post I forgot about my bagel. Burned blueberry bagel may make for great alliteration. It does not however make for a great breakfast.


  1. I do good to remember my name. All my passwords are written down in a notebook, very professional like. Now, if I could just remember where the damn notebook is.....

  2. Actually, kids these days just store all the numbers they need to remember in their cell phones. Honestly I can't recall anyone's phone number outside of my immediate family and work. I can relate, however, to not remembering things as well as I did when I was a kid. This could be due to the amount herbs I've smoked throughout high school. Either way, at 24, my memory is finally improving but it's still not at that pre-adolescent stage yet.

  3. I feel your pain. I thought 40 was too early to be having senior moments?